10 Reasons to List with RE/MAX

It is in a client’s best interest to work with a firm that:

  1. Has a long-term client relationship commitment as its core ideology. The client’s best interest is always served as opposed to the traditional transactional approach applied by other brokerage companies and agents.
  2. All its agents specialize in a specific product.
  3. Has court tested listing and purchase agreements that are easy to use and understand.
  4. Has accurate marketing packages that reflect the actual operation of the building, thus avoiding surprises and/or renegotiations.
  5. Has uniform and consistent marketing material.
  6. Is a conduit to the transfer of equity across market and product areas and has the largest pool of exchange buyers.
  7. Cooperates and actively works with outside brokers.
  8. Has agents who are specifically trained to sell income-producing properties. Just like attorneys or doctors, nobody is born a natural at anything; it takes hard work and a lot of training and experience to be a good sales agent, just as it does in other professions. Experienced agents who have your best interest in mind.
  9. Has an excellent reputation in the community.
  10. Has the technical resources to provide superior service and marketing.