10 Reasons to List with Stella Chow

You benefit by having an agent who:

  1. Is with a company whose primary focus is establishing long term client relationships based on product and market specialization.
  2. Is associated with an internationally recognized firm – clients have confidence in our track record of getting the deal done.
  3. Is a dedicated listing agent who is sensitive to a Seller’s need for constant communication and updating about the marketing of the property and market feedback.
  4. Will work with the Seller and make appropriate changes in both the pricing and marketing of the property, based upon the Seller's needs and motivation.
  5. Knows the pitfalls and traps in a transaction that cost Seller’s money and how to avoid them.
  6. Is thoroughly familiar with the most recent commercial transactions in Los Angeles County and Orange County, as well as Buyer’s expectations, and what's available in the market.
  7. Is tenacious and enthusiastic about the current market and works hard at all times until the job is done.
  8. Is aware of all of the issues involved in successfully marketing, selling, and closing an escrow.
  9. Has excellent references from past clients, and other professionals in the real estate industry and has a strong track record of successfully closing escrows with outside brokers.
  10. Is committed to achieving client’s goals and expectations and possess the skills and knowledge to accomplish assignments.