About Stella Chow

When it comes to selling your property, you need a professional who will take your business personally.

Stella Chow is one such professional – probably the best in a field known for its competitiveness.

A veteran of the Southern California real estate market with a quarter century’s experience, Stella today brings the same passion and energy to the profession that she did when she made her first sale in 1980. What distinguishes Stella from the competition and endears her to clients is that she brings more than just a professional commitment to her clients’ business; she brings a personal commitment that cannot be found anywhere else.

With that unsurpassed level of commitment also comes an unsurpassed level of expertise. Over the past 27 years, Stella has developed an incisive understanding of the ins and outs of the Southern California real estate market. She knows what it takes to sell a property, and also knows how to overcome obstacles that make some properties difficult to sell.

Such a combination of commitment and expertise is extremely rare. With Stella as your agent, the advantage will always be on your side.