Access to Buyers

We impact the buyer’s decision making process.

RE/MAX Commercial Brokerage has consistently demonstrated its skill at making a market for income property. The large number of owners and investors who repeatedly do business with RE/MAX agents serves as a testimony of its success in matching buyers and sellers.

In making a market for income property, our system offers the following features:

Market Information. Our company’s investment brokers conduct market surveys that can provide an accurate estimate of a property's current value. A comparison of the market areas served by the company enables an investor to assess the desirability of moving equities from one market to another.

Database. We maintain computer records of all property transactions. The database, which is accessible in terms of size and type of property, location and leverage, allows its brokers to instantly locate a large number of proven, reputable purchasers.

Valuation. The company takes a position on price when the seller’s property is put on the market. Each of our brokers believes that the listed price should be looked upon as the selling price, not as the starting point for negotiations.